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Economical Corrosion Resistance series
Standard Technical Agreement

Anti CO2

80-3Cr, 90-3Cr, 95-3Cr, 110-3Cr

Anti CO2+H2S 80S-3Cr, 90S-3Cr, 95S-3Cr, 110S-2Cr


4.83 mm - 22.22 mm negotiable

Outer Diameter

60.3 mm - 508 mm

Place of Origin



Economical choice of anti CO2/H2S

Test Method

SSC (NACE TM0117),  CO2 autoclave simulated corrosion test


In bundles as per customer's need

Economical Corrosion Resistance Tubing and Casing
KPE--Kunyuan Petroleum Equipmet could supply Economical Corrosion Resistance Tubing and Casing that could meet the requirement of H2S/CO2 corrosion resistance. It’s a economical choice than the duplex stainless steel and nickel alloy.
In the past, oil-gas well where Pco2<2Mpa, N80, P110 or normal 13Cr series is mainly used. However, regular API standard products don’t have the performance of anti CO2 corrosion. Normal 13Cr series have a good performance of CO2 corrosion resistance below 150 ℃, but weak of local corrosion resistance when above 150 ℃. Moreover, this material can’t produce 110 Grade products hence can’t meet the deep well off take. High grade super 13Cr series have super performance of anti CO2, but week at anti H2S. (below 0.01Mpa). Meanwhile, for the oil-gas well contains both CO2 and H2S, the ideal choice is duplex stainless steel or nickel alloy. But duplex stainless steel can’t higher than 80kis grade while nickel alloy is very very expensive.
Our Economical Corrosion Resistance Tubing and Casing contains low lever Cr, is a good solution for the above points in the H2S/CO2 oil-gas well with a reasonable price.