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H2S Corrosion Resistance Tubing and Casing

Standard API 5CT, NACE MR0175/ ISO 15156-2

Sour Service

80S, 90S, 95S, 100S, 110S

Special Sour Service 80SS, 90SS, 95SS, 100SS, 110SS


4.83 mm – 22.22 mm negotiable

Outer Diameter

60.3 mm–508 mm

Place of Origin



Applied to environment containing H2S

Test Method



In bundles as per customer's need

H2S Corrosion Resistance Tubing and Casing

API tubing and casing of various steel grade have been adopted in the oil and gas well world wide, but along with the exploration condition getting critical and depth getting deeper, API standard tubing and casing are not suitable with the oil well medium of H2S, Hydrogen sulfide often casuses sulfide stess crack on tubing and casing, which leads to hydrogen brittleness on tubing and casing as well as great losses. Our products of H2S corrosion resistance tubing and casing is R&D through long term study to oil well sites, such as 80S, 90S, 95S, 100S, 110S and 80SS, 90SS, 95SS, 100SS, 110SS, these tubing and casing have very good anti sulfide crack performance.

a. Sour service purposes

80S, 90S, 95S, 100S, 110S, suitable for normal corrosion condition.

b. Special sour service purposes

80SS, 90SS, 95SS, 100SS, 110SS, suitable for more severe corrosion condition.

The H2S Corrosion resistance tubing and casing produced by our cooperation mills have strenghthened the control to the harmful elements, such us sulfur, phosphor, multi alloy elements added into steel as to improve the quench penetrating characteristics, tempering stability and further to improve the uniformity of the microstructure and the SSC resistance feature.